Alexander Diaz

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Meet Alex from Avoca in regional Victoria, Australia !

With a passion for psychiatry and mental health care, Alex majored in Neuroscience during his Bachelor of Biomedicine degree. Alex is currently in the second year of his Doctor of Medicine degree.

Alex Diaz

Why would you like to become a Senior Buddy?

I benefited greatly from mentorship programs at the University in the past and have a lot of fun meeting other students, particularly those that I’m capable of helping. I want to pay forward the help I’ve received in the past, and I consider myself experienced in navigating university life in terms of not only academics, but also social aspects. I’m a great communicator and I love engaging with people are keen on learning, making me a good mentor to other students.

How are you currently involved in University?

I’m a committee member of SYNAPSE (a graduate medical group for students who are interested in neurology, psychiatry, and neurosurgery) and the Hispanic Students’ Society. I have been active in university life since my undergraduate days – I was a former mentee of the Access Melbourne Connections mentorship program, and also a former executive committee member for the Biomedicine Student Society (during my Biomedicine degree).

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

Writing, reading, cooking and playing video games!

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by storytelling. I think the power of narration and exploring ideas through stories is integral to understanding both science and people. Not only is storytelling an engaging way to understand ourselves, it is also a great tool for making sense of the complicated science that underpins our world.