Police Record Check

Police Record Check

All students are required to obtain and submit an Australian National Police History Check ("Police Check") annually if placements will be undertaken in a public, private or community health setting. This can be organised for free through the University. Some students might also need to provide evidence of overseas police history.

The Police Record Check Procedure below outlines the process for correctly obtaining and submitting your Australian police check. All students are required to read and be familiar with the information in this document.

Police Record Check Procedure
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The University is accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and offers free police checks for student placements. To apply, complete and submit the NPCS Informed Consent form below:

NPCS Informed Consent form
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Submit form

Note: The NPCS Informed Consent form must be completed and digitally signed using Adobe Reader only. For assistance with creating a digital signature, read our step-by-step guide
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If you have obtained a police check from Victoria Police or another accredited organisation that you would like to use instead of arranging one for free through the University, so you can submit it here.

  • Students who have lived overseas

    Students who have lived overseas for 12 months or longer in the past 10 years are also required to complete the  Overseas Police Record Declaration. This document requires you to provide details of your international police record and is legally binding. It is a serious offence to intentionally give false or misleading information in this declaration.

    Overseas Police Record Declaration form

    PDF, 185.26 KB

    Submit declaration

  • Students with disclosable court outcomes

    Having disclosable court outcomes on your police record does not automatically prevent you from participating in student placements.

    If the University becomes aware of any criminal history or other relevant information as part of the police checking process, we will notify your current and future placement providers. They will assess the nature and severity of your offence(s) and determine whether it is appropriate for you to participate in placement or not.

    The University will make every effort to source suitable placements for you, and will a staff member from your department will liaise with you directly about what impact there may be on your studies.