Student Group Support

Student Groups are now able to access a range of administrative support services via the Health Hub. These services include:

  • Faculty of MDHS financial support
  • Venue bookings
  • Printing assistance
  • Mail collection
  • Event promotion

To be eligible to access these support services, your student group must register with the Faculty of MDHS.

  • Registering your Student Group

    To be eligible to register your student group for Faculty of MDHS support, you must be the President or Vice-President (or equivalent) of a formalised student society or association at the University of Melbourne that supports and/or represents students in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and that aligns with the objectives and principles of the Faculty of MDHS. Applications are assessed by the FMDHS Learning and Teaching Unit under the leadership of the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching).

    Registration is free and applications will be assessed within 10 business days.

    To apply for registration, please complete our online form:
    Application for FMDHS Registration

  • Financial Support

    Registered student groups who would like the Faculty of MDHS to financially support an event or initiative must now apply for funding via the following online form:
    Request for Financial Assistance

    NOTE: This applies to Faculty funding only (ie School funding is managed directly by the School) and is only available to the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of registered student groups

  • Administrative Support

    Venue Bookings

    The Health Hub can assist registered student groups with booking University venues and some additional services (eg Lecture Capture) for any event that is free for participants. If your event is charging an admission or participation fee, the booking will need to be made directly via Venue Management.

    The following venues can be booked via the Health Hub:

    • Interview and conference rooms in the Brownless Biomedical Library (Level 1)
    • Teaching spaces; including
      • Classroms
      • Seminar rooms
      • Lecture theatres
      • E-learning studios
      • Computer labs
    • Some specialised spaces (eg CSL rooms for Doctor of Medicine students)
    • University grounds

    To request a booking for one of these venues, please complete the following online form:
    Request for Venue Booking

    Printing Assistance

    We are able to assist with printing of basic documents on our laser multifunction device. Our printer is capable of:

    • Colour or Black & White
    • A4 or A3
    • Duplexing (double-sided printing)
    • Folded booklet printing
    • Stapling
    • Hole punching

    Minimum time frames apply. To submit your request for document printing, please complete our online request form:
    Request for Printing

    Mail Collection

    Registered student groups are able to have their mail delivered to the Health Hub and collect it at any time during business hours.

    Student groups will be provided with our mailing address once their registration application has been approved.

    Promotion of Events

    The Health Hub is keen to make students in the Faculty of MDHS aware of all opportunities and events that might enhance or enrich their University experience.

    If you have something you would like to communicate to students, we might be able to assist you.

    Send us as much information about the event as you can provide, along with any images or specific copy you would like us to use: