Applications for police checks are submitted through the Forms tab in Sonia. The application form can only be accessed if your identity has recently been verified. You can check the status of your identity verification in Sonia using the Checks tab.

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You must ensure you provide accurate, complete and up-to-date personal information on your police check application form. Withholding and/or providing misleading or false information on the application form is a Commonwealth offence and you may be prosecuted under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).

If you become aware you have provided incorrect information you must contact us immediately.

You must disclose all names you have been known by throughout your life, including your primary name, name before marriage (maiden name), tribal names, other previous names and aliases.

With each additional name you provide, you must include your family name, first given names and other given names (if applicable).


When Lucianne was born, she was given the first name Lucianne, second given name Jane and surname of Jones. When she was married, she changed her surname to Smith. Lucianne commonly uses the name Lucy when introducing herself in the community.

As such, Lucianne has four known names—her current name, pre-marriage name, the alias name she used before she got married and the alias name she uses now. Lucianne needs to provide all four names when completing this form, as follows:

Current (primary) name: Smith, Lucianne Jane
Pre-marriage (maiden) name: Jones, Lucianne Jane
Alias name: Smith, Lucy Jane
Alias name: Jones, Lucy Jane

Single names

Some persons may have be given a single legal name that could represent one or more names in traditional Western naming convention. For the purpose of submitting a police check application, single names are legitimate if you are currently or have previously been legally known by that name.

Single names must be declared on the application form using only the Family Name field and selecting the 'Single Name Only' box.

A single name is where your name comprises either:

  • Only one word
  • Several words not documented using Western naming conventions (first name, middle name and family name).

Note: Maiden names are not considered single names, and must be entered in full in the standard way (see example above).

You must include your date and place of birth on the application form. If you were born in Australia, the form requires you to also enter the town and state in which you were born.

If you do not know your exact birth details and/or do not have any documentation that details your exact birth details, contact us.

You must select the gender that best describes how you identify yourself within the community.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission's (ACIC) processes are aligned with the Australian Government's Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender. For more information, contact the ACIC directly on +61 2 6268 7900 or

You must provide your current and previous residential addresses for the past five years.

If you cannot provide full details, provide as much information as possible.

If you have an Australian driver licence and/or an Australian firearms licence, you must provide the licence number and the state or territory that issued your licence.

If you have a foreign driver licence, you must provide the licence number and the country that issued your licence.

If you have a passport from any country, you must provide the passport number and the country that issued your passport.

This information will be used by Australian police agencies to provide an accurate police check result.

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