The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) supports the 15 National Boards that are responsible for regulating the health professions. The primary role of the National Boards is to protect the public and they set standards and policies that all registered health practitioners must meet.

Students in courses that are governed by a National Board must be registered with AHPRA before they can undertake any clinical activity. The registration process is different for each group of students:

Practitioners undertaking further study

Students of the University who are qualified practitioners undertaking further specialist study are required to maintain their own professional registration at all times. This applies to students in disciplines such as:

  • Clinical dentistry
  • Primary care nursing

For more information, contact your relevant National Board.

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Master of Psychology students

Students in the Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) and Master of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology) are required to obtain provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia prior to commencement of the course. Provisional registration is usually granted for one calendar year at a time and must be maintained for the duration of enrolment in the course and until general registration is granted.

For more information about provisional registration for psychology students, including registration fees and how to apply, visit the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Important! Applications can take 6-8 weeks to be processed, and further delays are expected over the Christmas period. Students should submit their provisional registration application as early as possible.

Evidence of provisional registration, in the form of a letter from AHPRA or the Psychology Board, must be submitted via Sonia before course commencement and kept current at all times.

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Other health students

For all other students in health disciplines governed by a National Board, student registration will be managed by the University on your behalf. Within 30 days of your course admission, the University will submit your details to AHPRA. You will be notified in Sonia once AHPRA has confirmed your registration.

Note: AHPRA does not issue registration numbers or any other evidence of registration to students.

When you complete or cease your study with the University, your student registration will automatically be revoked. You will not receive any notification of this.

  • What personal information is provided to AHPRA?

    The University is required to provide the following information to AHPRA for each student in a registered health program:

    • Title
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Email
    • Student ID
    • Residential address
    • Course name
    • Course commencement date
    • Course expected completion date

    When you complete or cease study in a registered program, the University will provide AHPRA all of the above information (as recorded by the University at the time) plus the date of cessation and the reason; ie completion or withdrawal.

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