Neurological Physiotherapy

Thank you educators for choosing a student from our course. This course is conducted predominantly in the clinical setting to provide students with an opportunity to develop their clinical skills and to integrate their theoretical knowledge in neurological physiotherapy clinical practice.

The emphasis in this subject is the application of clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice in the safe and effective assessment and management of individuals with neurological conditions in the clinical setting. This will apply to communication, therapeutic interventions, advocacy and education, working as a health professional within a team, with individuals and their carers and respecting their rights and choices within the healthcare setting.

Clinical placement activities:

During the course of the placement, the students are expected to undertake the following activities -

  1. Management of patients
  2. Clinical tutorials which includes patient demonstrations
  3. Self-learning guides
  4. University based tutorials, case presentations or clinical reflection.


  • Physiotherapy practice assessment

    Clinical educators are responsible for completing the Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) at the conclusion of the student's five-week placement which is worth 60 percent. The student will meet with their supervisor for mid-unit formative feedback using the APP as a guide for discussion. The mid-unit feedback does not contribute to their clinical mark, which is derived from the end of placement APP form.

    The mid-unit feedback form will be available in the following format -

    Mid unit (formative) feedback form

    Note: Students are encouraged to contact Natalie Fini if they receive unsatisfactory feedback about their progress in the professional standards section at any time during the clinical placement, to discuss this.

  • Clinical Case Presentation

    The clinical case presentation worth 10 percent completed by the student should be of 10 minutes duration, with up to 5 minutes of question time. A written reference list should be provided to the supervisor at the conclusion of your presentation and you may choose to provide a written summary of your presentation. A guide for the marking of the student presentation will included in the manual and the assessment sheet can be found on the LMS in the Assessment Folder.

    The case presentation assessment form will be available in the following format -

    Case presentation assessment form

  • Theory examination

    The final assessment for this subject consists of a 1.5 hour written theory examination which will be held at the end of semester one.  The exam will be based around clinical scenarios and assumed prior knowledge from Foundations, PHTY90089 Neurological Physiotherapy 1 and PHTY90100 Clinical Neurological Clinical Practice. A choice of clinical scenarios will be offered in the exam including acute and subacute clinical examples.

Reflective logbooks:

Students are encouraged to keep logbooks as they would be a valuable record of their experiences in clinic. It is strongly recommended that they complete a logbook daily to enable them to reflect on their learning experiences and to assist in the development of their clinical decision making skills in neurological physiotherapy. The suggested structure of logbook is based on the Tool for Clinical Reasoning and Reflection, which uses the ICF as a framework to reflect on the patients’ management (Atkinson & Nixon-Cave, 2011). The student logbook is not submitted but may be very useful in helping students in structuring discussions with their clinical supervisors.



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