Musculoskeletal clinical practice

Thank you Clinical educators for choosing a student from our course. The emphasis in this subject is the application of clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice in the safe and effective assessment and management of individuals with musculoskeletal conditions in the clinical setting.

This will apply in communication, therapeutic interventions, advocacy and education working as a health professional within a team, with individuals and their carers and respecting their rights and choices within the healthcare setting.

Clinical tutorials:

Each clinic may provide tutorials to supplement your learning and the material in the manual
should also be a good resource for you. These tutorials would likely include some from the following topics though each may vary with the individual clinical setting:

  • Discharge planning
  • Gait, aids and braces
  • Red flags/Sinister pathologies
  • Shoulder – clinical reasoning
  • Pain management
  • Spinal assessment and management


  • Continuous Clinical Assessment

    These assessments are held during the semester with a weightage of 60 percent.

  • Written examination

    The 1.5 hour written examination would be conducted at the end of the semester with a weightage of 30 percent. This paper will examine the content of the semester, and will build on information contained in current and prior lectures, tutorial / practical sessions, self-learning guides and essential reading material, and the clinical experience.

  • Case Presentation

    This will be conducted during the clinic with a weightage of 10 percent. The Clincal Educator would be required to provide their inputs in the Clinical Presentation Assessment form.

    The case presentation assessment form will be available in the following format -

    case presentation assessment form


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