Student support

The Student Support Team wants to help you succeed in your studies. The University has several services to help you with your studies and many of these are located at Stop 1, the home of student services. However, if you are not sure how to proceed or just want some general advice please come and meet with us. We can chat about how your studies are progressing and if there is anything you need assistance with, we can help you identify which support services might benefit you and help with organising appointments.

Get in touch with the Health Hub via the webform below or visit the Health Hub counter on Level 1 of the Brownless Biomedical Library.

At a basic level we encourage everyone to engage with the support available at Stop 1 and:

  • Attend all lectures in person for the best learning experience
  • Take advantage of all resources available in the LMS
  • Meet with subject coordinators for clarification on any confusing content
  • Engage with your student societies and any study groups they coordinate
  • Talk to someone if you start to fall behind
  • Be aware of the census dates for all enrolled subjects
  • Maintain a healthy balance of study and life

The University has several services designed to support student wellbeing as well as policies and procedures to support students whose wellbeing is impacted by short-term and/or long-term circumstances.