Psychological Sciences

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Our programs in Psychology

  • If you do not have a background in Psychology...

    Course: Graduate Diploma in Psychology

    The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is designed for graduates of other disciplines who may be interested in changing career direction and eventually qualifying as a registered psychologist, or for those who wish to study psychology simply out of interest in the discipline.

    The course is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

  • Fourth Year program

    Graduates with a three-year undergraduate psychology APAC accredited sequence may be eligible to study one of the following fourth year courses:

    • Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced): requires a Bachelor degree (or equivalent qualification) that does not qualify for entry to BA (Hons) in Arts or BSc (Hons) in Science, or a combined Honours program. Course code: GDA-PSYCH
    • Bachelor of Arts (Honours): requires completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree. Course code: BH-ARTS
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours): requires a Bachelor of Science degree (or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Faculty of Science). Course code: BH-SCI
    • Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours): requires a Bachelor of Biomedicine degree (or an equivalent qualification recognised by the Faculty of MDHS). Course code: BH-BIO
  • Applied Psychology

    Course: Master of Applied Psychology

    Designed for psychology graduates who want to develop practical skills in the applications of psychology and to employ them in the world of business; government; the non-profit sector; marketing, consumer and social research; and health.

    Subjects will cover social psychology, influence and persuasion, the psychology of advertising and communications, judgement and decision-making, attitude and behaviour change, consumer psychology, research methods and data analysis.

    The Master of Applied Psychology does not carry professional accreditation and is not a pathway to professional registration as a psychologist.

  • Qualifying as an accredited psychologist

    To become a professionally accredited psychologist, study the APAC-accredited 125-point Psychology major sequence, undertake a fourth year (honours year) in Psychology, then progress to a masters degree or combined masters and PhD: