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  • Master of Epidemiology

    The Master of Epidemiology (MEpi) at the University of Melbourne is designed for students to want to increase their research skills in epidemiology with the aim of either contributing to epidemiological or medical research or developing a research career, but who don’t want the breadth of subjects required for the Master of Public Health.

    To be eligible, you need an honours degree, a medical degree, or a 3-year degree with relevant work experience.  Students in this program are typically practising clinicians (e.g. doctors) who are looking for the equivalent of a one-year degree or students who have been working in the health sector and who eventually want to do a PhD based on epidemiological research.

    Students wishing to specialise in Epidemiology have three options:

    1. Master of Epidemiology (MEpi)
    2. Master of Science (Epidemiology) (MSci (Epi))
    3. Master of Public Health (MPH) specialising in Epidemiology and Biostatistics