Clinical Research and Teaching

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The Excellence in Clinical Teaching (EXCITE) program has a clear focus on two things: excellence and the direct interface between clinician and learner. EXCITE activities are directly applicable to the clinician's experience, linking solid educational theory with the realities of their workplace.  Key to the development of the program has been a profound knowledge of clinicians; their work, needs and preferences. It is a learner-centred program that is geared for maximum flexibility and responsiveness.  Participants can expect an immersive, transformative experience.

The Graduate Certificate is the first in a suite of award courses for clinical teachers. The program provides a pathway from the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching to the Graduate Diploma and Master of Clinical Education, for those who are interested in further developing a career in this field.

Our courses include:

  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research
  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Master of Clinical Education
  • Specialist Certificate in Clinical Leadership
  • Specialist Certificate in Clinical Research (Neuroscience)