Biomedical Sciences

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  • Bachelor of Biomedicine

    Biomedicine is about world-changing research, responding to pandemics, finding cures for diseases, discovering the fascinating way the human body works and analysing global patterns of disease.

    The Bachelor of Biomedicine degree lays the foundation for new generations of biomedical experts to lead the revolution in medicine. The degree includes extensive core subjects covering a broad range of professional health pathways. With a Bachelor of Biomedicine from Australia’s leading university, your postgraduate opportunities are profound. How will you make a difference to the human health?

  • Honours

    Course: Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

    Honours is a fourth-year program which advances your technical sophistication and aptitude for independent research, providing you with a platform toward clinical pathways, further research or a higher degree. Enrol directly into real world, cutting edge research under the supervision of renowned experts.

    Investing in the additional year at University required to complete Honours gives you the opportunity to draw together your early years of study and add significant value to your resume. Honours is very different from earlier undergraduate years, allowing and requiring a greater degree of independence and flexibility that will help you develop the maturity and skills for transition to employment in a range of occupations and industries or a research higher degree.

  • Master of Biomedical Science

    The Master of Biomedical Science is an alternative to the Honours to PhD pathway. Students undertake a major research project and discipline-specific coursework subjects.

    In addition, a suite of professional business and communication subjects are offered to complement and enhance the research undertaken and to progress students’ career opportunities.