2020 Honours Three Minute Thesis Competition Grand Final

Wednesday 9th September, 3.00-4.00pm

The Three Minute Thesis competition invites our Honours students to present a clear, concise and engaging speech on their exciting piece of research in biomedical and health sciences and its significance to the wider community to non-specialist audience. You will be impressed with their enthusiasm and passion for their research in these challenging times!

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Contestant Profiles

Tian Du

Bachelor of Science (Degree with Honours)

“Picking up a pipette, placing a mouse in a maze, peering down a microscope to see a beautifully stained brain. Despite the setbacks this year, honours has allowed me to step into the reality that was behind the lecture slides, papers and books of undergrad. My lab and honours cohort have also been a highlight, having such bright and supportive people around (if only virtually) has meant I have been greatly enriched by the personal and neural connections made this year.”

Bianca Fato

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

“Investigating and driving a project that aligns with my interest and passion for women's health has deepened my appreciation for medical research. I am learning advanced and exciting research techniques, which have been challenging and very rewarding. More importantly, the inspiring team I have had the privilege to connect and work closely with made this year the most enjoyable and enriching year of my undergraduate degree.”

Eden Febbraio

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

“While honours has been a challenging year so far amidst a global pandemic, it has definitely been the most rewarding, and one I will be extremely proud of. In such a short period of time I have learnt so many new skills, which have required me to gain a new level of independence. A highlight for me was recently starting my very own animal experiment, which I look forward to continuing.”

Darren Yen Jyn Lee

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

“I will always remember 2020 as the year that Science became more important than ever. I've always wanted to learn new bioinformatics skills, and I've got more than I asked for through a combination of both coursework and research components. The highlight of my Honours year is definitely the opportunity for me to design my own research project and despite having faced certain challenges, I am grateful to have the best lab members to help me make the best out of my Honours year!”

Grace Bidgood

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

“Honours has been unlike any other year. The opportunity to engage with leading scientists and students, feel a part of a professional community, contribute to medical and scientific understanding whilst learning in a supportive and enriching environment has been beyond incredible. The hands on and active experience of honours has exposed and instilled the expectations and skills required to be successful within any career that I would not have learnt yet if it was not for this year.”

Joanne Huynh

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Degree with Honours)

“The best part of my Honours year so far has been meeting and working with the brilliant people in my lab. I have gained invaluable advice, experience, and inspiration from those around me, who have opened my eyes to the vast range of opportunities in the biomedical field. I am thrilled to continue my trajectory in science and to learn – or even discover, some novel science!”

In his closing remarks at the Leadership Retreat, our Dean Professor Shitij Kapur made a series of commitments. Under the headings below are videos that take you through each of the commitments.


1. Engage all first year entry-to-practice students in interprofessional education

2. Introduce interprofessional OSCEs

3. Provide a continuity of individual connection, particularly for undergraduate students

4. Actively include students in Faculty committees

5. Include peer and junior staff on recruitment selection panels

6. Develop an online course to support staff developing new courses

7. Incentivise digital and custom education

8. Improve onboarding processes for senior academic staff

9. Introduce Faculty gender equity targets

10. Support the University in achieving the Athena SWAN Bronze Award

11. Better understand the challenges faced by our RHD students