DNA Platforms

A number of DNA platforms are available at various faculty locations.

Nanopore GridION long-read sequencer Anatomy and Physiology Kenneth Myer Building, PC2, Rm 2.56 2021 Dr Mike Clark Bookings and training are required. Please arrange with Dr Mike Clark
Tecan Freedom EVO Pathology W710, Medical Building 2013 Melissa Southey

Access rights and bookings details:  By custom arrangement as required.

Applied Biosystems Real-Time 384-well PCR System Obstetrics & Gynaecology 7th floor research laboratory, Royal Womens Hospital 2013 Harry Georgiou  
Ion Torrent Personal Genome Sequencer Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Bio21 2012 Andrew Hill By arrangement with Andrew Hill
Bio-Rad QX100 Droplet Digital PCR System Anatomy & Neuroscience

Medical Bldg, E612

2013 Franca Casagranda or Gemma Martinez Access: Bookings are required, training is required by Franca or Gemma, costs are approx. $8 per reaction
Rotorgene 6000 Medicine – NW Research Centre, Northern Hospital 2007 TBA Features: 2-plex and HRM
Access: TBA
PCR real time system 7500 Medicine – NW Northern Hospital 2004 TBA Access: TBA
Scanarrray Lite Medicine – NW Northern Hospital 2004 TBA Features: Two-color microarray analysis system.
Access: TBA
Microarray scanner Medicine – RMH/WH RMH 2003 TBA Access: Fee-for-service and training required.
Real time PCR machine Medicine – RMH/WH RMH 2005 TBA Access: Fee-for-service and training required.
Real time sequence detection system Medicine – SVH Room 307, Clinical Sciences Building, St Vincent's Hospital 2002 TBA Access: Available upon request. Cost negotiated upon application.
Amaxa Nucleofector Obstetrics and Gynaecology RWH Research Precinct, level 7, Lab. 2008 Shaun Brennecke Access: By arrangement through Shaun Brennecke.
Quantitative Real-Time PCR Paediatrics   2008 John Bateman Access: By arrangement through John Bateman
Corbett CAS 1200 and CAS 4800 Pathology Medical building, room W622 2003, 2004 Melissa Southey Features: Liquid handling.
Access: By arrangement through Fleur Hammet.
RotoGene 6000 Pathology Medical building, room W629 2007 Melissa Southey Features: Real time PCR and HRM curve analysis.
Access: By arrangement through Melissa Southey,
GeneAmp PCR system 9700 Pathology Medical building, room W629 2008 Melissa Southey Features: PCR.
Access: By arrangement through Melissa Southey/Fleur Hammet
Fluidigm 96.96 dynamic array Pathology Medical building, room W629 2009 Melissa Southey Features:Genotyping and digital PCR.                          
Access: By arrangement through Melissa Southey/ Fleur Hammet
ABI Prism 7900 HT real-time PCR platform Pharmacology Medical building, room WN814 2006 Steve Bozinovski Access: On a collaborative basis with Pharmacology. Contact Steve Bozinovski. Training required.
Amersham Pharmacia/Molecular Dynamics 1000 DNA sequencer analyser "Megabase" Physiology Medical building, room N326 2003 Angela Lamantia Access: On a collaborative project basis with Steve Harrap.
Light scanner for high throughput SNP genotyping Physiology Medical Building 2007 Stephen Harrap Access: By arrangement with Steve Harrap.
ABI3130XLgenetic analyser Pathology Medical Building, room W634 2007 Tiffany Cowie, Voula Kanellakis Access: By arrangement with Tiffany Cowie or Voula Kallianis