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Jennifer de Gabriele

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Jennifer de Gabriele, Graduate Research Team Coordinator

A typical day in your work? A typical day working in the Graduate Research (GR) office at MDHS involves a variety of activities that might include team meetings, discussions with Department Graduate Research Administrators or academics providing advice about GR support, responding to many emails also providing advice and completing process tasks such as enrolments, progress reviews etc. It’s a busy and productive work environment!

Key to success for graduate researchers? I think overall that communication is a key skill for graduate researchers. Communicating well with your supervisory team and colleagues is incredibly important for a successful PhD and learning how to effectively communicate your research outcomes to a variety of audiences is also imperative for future career opportunities. The University provides some great opportunities for GRs to learn and practice these skills through the Academic Skills unit and via activities such as the 3 Minute Thesis competition.

What’s most rewarding about your work? The way that our work in GR allows us to oversee the whole lifecycle of a PhD journey, from application through to thesis submission is really rewarding, but I think the most rewarding moments are when I can provide advice to a GR or their supervisor about how to manage a difficult situation they are working through and help to find a solution.

Passion outside of work? I have lots of interests and love living in Melbourne because I have access to go to see great theatre, music gigs, sports events and to eat great food. I think my main passion is sport, however, and football (soccer) especially. I support Liverpool Football Club and have loved seeing how the Matilda’s have created such a huge following for themselves and women’s football generally through their success at the World Cup.

Secret superpower? I’m known in my family for my ability to eat a burger well, without it falling apart. It’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got!

Cat or dog? I do love both, but I am more a cat person. I like their independence and sass.

Coffee or tea? How do you take it? I don’t regularly drink hot drinks, but if I do it’s a black tea or hot chocolate as a treat!