Accepting your offer and enrolling

The offer letter you receive will contain instructions on creating an account and enrolling into your course. If prompted for your student number, this is the same as your Applicant ID at the top of this offer letter.

Graduate Research students are not able to enrol themselves in subjects.

You will need to email the MDHS Learning and Teaching Unit to be enrolled in your thesis subject. This is a requirement to complete enrolment.

I have a conditional offer, what does this mean?

If you receive a conditional offer for a course, you must satisfy the conditions before you can enrol.

Follow the procedures outlined in your offer letter and if you have any questions contact the MDHS Health Hub.

When will I start receiving my scholarship?

You must complete enrolment in order to make your scholarship active. Payments will commence in the first pay period after your enrolment is complete.

If you think you've completed enrolment and haven't received your first scholarship payment, contact the MDHS Health Hub to check your status. (For students holding scholarships from external organisations, check your scholarship offer letter and contact the funding body).

Need some help with online enrolment?

If you're having difficulty completing the online acceptance and enrolment process and need help troubleshooting, give 13 MELB (13 6352) a call.

They'll be able to walk you through the online process, and can also advise on general questions about The University of Melbourne.