Faculty eligibility standards

H1 standard for PhD

Applicants for PhD in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences are considered to have met the H1 Standard (University of Melbourne minimum weighted average of 80%) if they meet the entry requirements specified in the University Handbook.

The following are provided as approved examples:

  • An Australian/New Zealand bachelor degree with first-class honours (H1)
  • An Australian/New Zealand research masters preliminary degree, formally graded at H1 level
  • An Australian/New Zealand research masters degree, formally graded at H1 level.
  • An Australian/New Zealand Honours or Masters graduate with a GRSC score of 80 or above.
  • A Fellowship awarded by the Royal Australasian Medical Colleges, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, Australian College of Physiotherapists (fellowship of other colleges will be assessed individually).

Qualifications from overseas institutions (not Australia, not New Zealand)

  • A four-year bachelor degree or masters degree, from an overseas institution (not Australian, not New Zealand) assessed as equivalent to University of Melbourne 80%.
  • PhD or other research doctoral degree.

If your qualifications don’t clearly meet the H1 standard, but your application is supported by your proposed department, the department may make a case for consideration of your qualifications and experience as equivalent to the H1 standard by submitting a case for H1 equivalence.

Applicants not meeting H1 Standard or deemed H1 Equivalent may be considered for Masters by Research or coursework degrees available.

H1 equivalence

A school or department which considers that an applicant should be considered equivalent to H1 Standard may submit a case in writing to the Faculty. The case provided must satisfy the Faculty the applicant’s combination of formal prior learning, work experience, professional leadership and research experience is equivalent to H1S standard. The following are examples of minimum requirements to meet H1E:

  • Three-year bachelor degree (Australian or overseas), plus three years full-time equivalent research related work experience and a minimum of one fist-author publication or two second-author publications.
  • Three-year UK degree including X points of research project
  • Five years full-time equivalent research or professional work experience post professional degree (eg.  in a leadership role (eg. Director of a clinical service, Nursing Practice Manager, CEO of a company, Managing Director, Laboratory Manager).

The following qualifications require H1E assessment:

  • bachelors degree with second-class honours as the highest qualification
  • research masters preliminary degree without a formal grade
  • masters degree with no research component
  • graduate diploma
  • overseas qualifications where the University GRSC score is below 80
  • three year bachelor degrees
  • all other qualifications.

Applicants will be required to supply information to determine if their other achievements are deemed to be at a level of attainment equivalent to that of a H1S.

Achievements and experience that may be considered includes:

  • Research output – refereed publications, such as books, journal articles, reports and working papers, data bases, software and other non-traditional outputs
  • Prior substantial and successful professional experience in a discipline related to the research, demonstrated leadership in the profession, demonstrated leadership in the development of professional practice.
  • Prior research experience – the nature and extent of research undertaken during relevant work experience. It is important the applicant details their research output and relevant research experience when completing their research degree application.

Performance in previous roles will need to be substantiated by evidence of appropriate outputs (publications, reports, presentations) and referees reports.

Masters by Research and the Doctor of Medical Science

H2A is the minimum academic standard for the Doctor of Medical Science and all Masters by Research degrees of the Faculty. Cases for H2A equivalence are not accepted.

For other entry requirements, refer to specific course entries in the University Handbook.

Scholarship consideration

To be considered for graduate research scholarships in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, you must meet meet the faculty's graduate research degree entry requirements.

Students with H2A will not be considered for scholarships with two exceptions:

  • Graduate research students applying for Fay Marles Scholarships


  • Graduate research students identifying as indigenous Australians.

English language requirements

  • English is the language of instruction and assessment across the University of Melbourne.
  • You must meet the English language requirements of the University to be eligible for a place.

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Enquiries about course eligibility standards should be referred to the MDHS Health Hub.

Enquiries about scholarship eligibility standards should be referred to: mdhs-scholarships@unimelb.edu.au