Medical School

Cancer in all its forms, encompasses research, prevention, detection, treatment, care and health system transformation to address this most significant burden of disease.

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Equipment Type Department Location

300 SL Automatic TDCR Beta Liquid Scintillation Counter

Counters Medicine & Radiology Austin Hospital

Applied Biosystems Viia7 Real-Time 384-well PCR System

DNA Platforms Obstetrics and Gynaecology Royal Women's Hospital Precinct

Becton Dickinson FACS Canto II HTS BD FACSCanto Flow Cytometer

Flow Cytometry Surgery, AH Kronheimer Building, Austin Hospital

Bruker Skyscan 1276 Micro-CT

Imaging Medicine – SVH St Vincent's Hospital/ St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

Chemidoc MP Imaging System

Imaging Medicine and Radiology Room 311, Clinical Science Building, 29 Regent Street, Fitzroy 

Fiske 210 Advanced Micro-Osmometer Analyser

Flow Cytometry Medicine, AH Austin Hospital

GE Vivid 7 Ultrasound System

Miscellaneous Medicine, St Vincents Animal House facility & Dept of Cardiology, St Vincent's Hospital

Nikon A1R

Microscopes Medicine (Eastern Hill Precinct) Room 412, Clinical Sciences Builing, Eastern Hill Precinct

Olympus FV1000

Microscopes Medicine (Royal Melbourne Hospital) Room 338, Clinical Sciences Builing, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Scanco Medical Viva CT40 MicroCT scanner - animal

Imaging Medicine, AH Austin Hospital

Scanco Medical XtremeCTII MicroCT scanner – human

Imaging Medicine, AH Repatriation Hospital

Small animal MRI facility 

Service Locations Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health  Florey Institue 

Techniplast Sealsafe IVC System

Miscellaneous Surgery – SVH Animal House facility, St Vincent's Hospital