Seminar 7 - Preclinical drug development

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  1. Pharmacokinetics/ADME: Role of Preclinical PK - David Shackleford (Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation)
  2. Pharmacodynamics / Mechanism of action: Considerations for robust preclinical efficacy studies to maximise clinical translation - Fay Khong (Certa Therapeutics)
  3. Preclinical Disease Models: Understanding the model vs. maximisation of prediction - Ralf Brandt (vivoPharm)
  4. Safety/Toxicology: Plan ahead – Optimising your toxicology program - Lorraine Webster (Preclinical Solutions)
  5. Drug Formulation and Delivery: When all else fails – there’s always formulation - Benjamin Boyd; Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Monash University)

You can find the seminar flyer, speaker bios and presentations slides here.

Seminar 7 chair and presenters