Seminar Series in Therapeutic Discovery, Development and Commercialisation

This seminar series will provide a complete overview of the process by which drugs are discovered and ultimately developed into marketable medications.


This seminar series will provide a complete overview of the path to market for therapeutics. The target audience includes UoM academic (salaried or honorary) staff at all levels, with content focussed on, but not restricted to those currently developing a therapeutic.

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    The Seminar Series includes the following 13 seminars:

    1. Engaging successfully with industry and getting your drug to market
    2. Drug discovery overview
    3. Small molecule drug discovery – from hit identification to lead molecules
    4. Protein therapeutic discovery and development
    5. Vaccines and innate immunotherapeutics
    6. Future therapeutics
    7. Preclinical drug development: identifying a safe, potent, and efficacious drug
    8. Clinical trials strategy
    9. Regulatory strategy
    10. IP strategy
    11. Deal making and licensing
    12. Creating a biotech startup
    13. Finding funds

    You may register to attend any number of seminars - however, you are encouraged to register for the entire series. Details of presenters will be provided prior to each seminar. This seminar series is supported by BioCurate and Cancer Therapeutics CRC.

    Please register here to secure your spot as places are limited.

    For all enquiries please contact mail

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