Seminar Series in Therapeutic Discovery, Development and Commercialisation

In June 2019, MDHS launched a therapeutic discovery, development and commercialisation seminar series, supported by BioCurate and Cancer Therapeutics, CRC.

The objective of the seminar series was to educate University of Melbourne researchers on key concepts and processes involved in therapeutic discovery, development and commercialisation and provide opportunities for networking with industry experts in these areas.

The seminar series included the following 13 seminars:

  1. Engaging successfully with industry and getting your drug to market
  2. Drug discovery overview
  3. Small molecule drug discovery – from hit identification to lead molecules
  4. Protein therapeutic discovery and development
  5. Vaccines and innate immunotherapeutics
  6. Future therapeutics
  7. Preclinical drug development: identifying a safe, potent, and efficacious drug
  8. Clinical trials strategy
  9. Regulatory strategy
  10. IP strategy
  11. Deal making and licensing
  12. Creating a biotech startup
  13. Finding funds – TBA 2020

For more information on individual seminars including links to presentation slides, please click here.

For audio recordings of the seminar series - please contact Dr. Premila Paiva: