Clinical Pathology

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Projects Title Research Node (Project Site) Department Project Description Number of Places Available (Masters) Number of Places Available (Honours) Primary Supervisor UoM Staff ID Number Primary Supervisor Title Primary Supervisor First Name Primary Supervisor Surname Primary Supervisor Email Co-Supervisor 1 Title Co-Supervisor 1 First Name Co-Supervisor 1 Surname Co-Supervisor 2 Title Co-Supervisor 2 First Name Co-Supervisor 2 Surname Co-Supervisor 3 Title Co-Supervisor 3 First Name Co-Supervisor 3 Surname Additional Supervisors (Please include the title and full name) Opportunity
Detecting the tissue of origin of circulating cell free DNA Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Clinical Pathology The aim of this project is to analyse sequence data on circulating cell free DNA to identify methylation patterns which indicate the tissue of origin. Professor Lachlan Coin n/a Masters by Research
Finding a needle in the haystack: ctDNA detection for tracking cancer evolution and refining cancer risk Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Clinical Pathology This project will explore the correlation between ctDNA and somatic mutation status derived from formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue. This will involve micro-dissecting normal colonic epithelium and tumour region that will then be profiled using next generation sequencing techniques. The project will also explore the correlation between immune indices determined from the blood and the quantity of ctDNA. Associate Professor Daniel Buchanan Dr Ryan Hutchinson Dr Mark Clendenning n/a Masters by Research
Heterogeneity of treatment response in advanced cancer: role of intrinsic and microenvironmental factors Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Clinical Pathology This project aims to identify and characterise the contribution of tumour-intrinsic and microenvironmental factors in driving the drug resistance of aggressive cancer cell subsets. The project uses tumour organoids derived from colorectal and pancreatic cancer patients. AProfessor Frederic Hollande n/a PhD students; Masters by Research