Validation of 4D Flow with Exercise using CMR

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Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
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Summary Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) is a powerful tool for assessing heart function. Advanced CMR techniques include functional assessment during exercise, and three dimensional flow assessment over the cardiac cycle. We aim to assess the validity of 4D flow during exercise, at low, medium and high intensity in a group of trained athletes.

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Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR) is used to assess cardiac function, and is considered the gold standard for volume. CMR studies are performed at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.

The Sports Cardiology lab at Baker has developed the capacity to assess cardiac function during exercise, with real time imaging during recumbent bike exercise. This has been validated using in house software, for both left and right ventricular function.

CMR can also measure flow within the heart and great vessels using a sequence of 4D flow. This  accurate measure of blood flow within the heart can provide additional information regarding cardiac function. What is unknown is how accurate the 4D flow assessment is during exercise.

We aim to measure 4D flow at rest and during low, intermediate and high intensity exercise, and compare the measured stroke volume of the right and left ventricles to that derived from real time volume imaging. The Baker Sports Cardiology lab is the only location where this research can realistically be performed. We will be able to collaborate with Siemens to optimise 4D flow parameters to maximise results.

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Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health

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