Uptake of immunisation services in rural Papua New Guinea (PNG)

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Burnet Institute
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Dr Chris Morgan chris.morgan@burnet.edu.au +61392822110
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Dr Alyce Wilson alyce.wilson@burnet.edu.au -

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Childhood immunisation is the most cost-effective public health measure available, yet approximately 40% of children in PNG are not reached with vaccination, worse in remote areas.  A variety of factors may explain this, including poor supply chain management, service delivery failures, and other health system weaknesses. One of the most crucial aspects is the need to build community demand for and confidence in immunisation services. Initial data, including the difference between infants receiving the first versus the third dose of combination vaccines (‘drop-out’ ), suggests that problems in community engagement may be a major factor in PNG’s low vaccine coverage.

This project analyses new drop-out data in rural PNG to understand.  This uses data from the Burnet-led Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies research program: collected from a prospective observational cohort study of 700 mothers in rural PNG from first antenatal care to 12 months after childbirth. This unique dataset allows longitudinal comparison of coverage at different points in the first year of life, and analysis for associations to identify which families are seeking full vaccination, and which are dropping out.

This project would allow a student to gain experience with quantitative and qualitative data analysis tailored to international health development usages. A student could also work alongside clinician researchers from within PNG in a partnership to ensure findings are contextualised and applied to PNG’s health service improvement needs. This project would also help build the knowledge and evidence base to influence current health guidelines, protocols and policies for improving immunisation services. The findings of this analysis would strengthen advocacy for continued, more targeted investment, by Gavi, WHO and other global immunisation partners.

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Masters by Research, Honours
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