The role of an isoform of calcitonin receptor in glioma stem cells

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Our group was the first to publish on the expression of CTR in the deadly brain tumour glioblastoma [1] and about 70% of patients express CTR mRNA transcripts. High grade glioma cell lines (HGG) isolated from patient tumours represent glioma stem cells and express CTR [2]. There are two common isoforms of human calcitonin receptor (CTR) which differ by an extra 16-amino acid insert in CTRb. While the pharmacology of CTRa (insert-negative) has been well established [5], little is known about the physiological role of CTRb (insert-positive) in cells. We are exploring this potential role using unique antibodies developed here, including one mAb that binds the insert sequence, and specific shRNA-knockdown experiments. The cellular distribution and role of CTRb isoform in HGG cell lines is a current study by our group and will be explored further. Furthermore, evidence will be collected on the co-localisation of CTR with subcellular structures such as endosomes, lysosomes, mitochondria and exosomes in HGG cell lines using confocal microscopy and well defined markers. Our model will be tested on the role for the CTRb (insert-positive) isoform in glioblastoma (as a component of an efflux mechanism via exosomes for the removal of cytotoxic material) and therefore contribute to resistance to chemotherapeutics.

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