The radial artery in coronary bypass surgery

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Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Prof Alistair Royse +61518554135 Personal web page
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Prof Colin Royse +61408467548 Personal web page

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Less than 5% of coronary bypass operations world wide rely exclusively on arteries being used as conduits. Therefore almost every patient will receive saphenous vein grafts (SVG) from the leg. At the Royal Melbourne hospital, use of SVG since 1996 has been less than 25%; and this varies between surgeons and may be as low as less than 1%.

In existing publications, we have demonstrated that there is a survival advantage to the exclusive use of arteries as bypass conduits over the use of SVG - even one single SVG graft.

We have also published on how best to achieve "total arterial revascularisation" which involves the use of a novel artery, the radial artery (RA) and also various complex reconstruction methods to allow for more efficient use of conduit length. Hence we have the largest experience of the use of RA in the world. Increasingly cardiologists use the RA for performing coronary angiography and coronary interventions, and this may affect the use of RA as a bypass conduit.

This project will concentrate on the radial artery and its effect on patient survival and clinical outcome, angiographic outcomes and its use for cardiology diagnostic investigations including any damage that may result.

There are substantial datasets that remain to be reported, and it is expected that any publications arising will continue to be placed in high impact journals.

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