Test-retest and practice effects in common cognitive measures in older adults with and without cognitive impairment

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours
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Medicine and Radiology
Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs alex.bahar@unimelb.edu.au 0383872480
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Prof Nicola Lautenschlager nicolatl@unimelb.edu.au

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Many common cognitive measures are routinely administered in observational studies and intervention trials in the older adult population, and while in some cases alternate test forms are used, more frequently researchers administer the same version of a given test, introducing test-retest and practice effects that confound the interpretation of changes in performance scores, with implications on the design of clinical trials.

Better understanding of test-retest, practice and intervention effects in the context of the repeated administration of common cognitive measures is needed to improve the design of clinical trials. Methods for estimating and modelling test-retest and practice effects in the analysis of clinical trials data are important for improving the validity of findings.

This project will include literature review, analysis of existing data, and the collection of new pilot data to address these and related questions in the context of non-pharmacological trials in older adults.

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Neuroscience & Psychiatry, Ageing

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours
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Medicine and Radiology

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Royal Melbourne Hospital

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