Targeting Pyroptosis to improve diabetic cardiovascular disease.

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Honours students
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Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
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Prof Judy de Haan 0411222985
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Dr Arpeeta Sharma

Summary Cardiovascular complications associated with Type 2 diabetes (T2D) lead to significant morbidity and mortality, for which standard treatment options are insufficient to halt or reduce this clinical burden. Recent clinical evidence from the successful CANTOS trial suggests that targeting the cytokine IL-1b lessens inflammation and reduces the burden of cardiovascular disease. IL-1b is matured on the NLRP3-inflammasome along with IL-18 and GasderminD, the pyroptosis (a specific form of cell death) regulating protein. Pyroptosis and release of detrimental cytokines is hypothesized to propagate cardiovascular disease. This proposal will investigate the role of pyroptosis in mediating diabetes-driven cardiomyopathy.

Project Details

This project aims to investigate whether targeting pyroptosis in diabetic cardiovascular disease will lessen inflammation and diabetes-associated cardiac injury.

Key Scientific Skills: The student will receive training in  vivo mouse models of diabetes, cell culture, immunohistochemistry, histology, real time PCR and Western Blotting.

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Infection and Immunology

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Honours students
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Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health

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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

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