Sternal ultrasound assessment of plate vs. wire fixation

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Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Prof Alistair Royse 90354759 Personal web page
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Prof Colin Royse 90354759 Personal web page
AProf Doa El-Ansari 0422 036 899

Summary Planned trial comparing a commercial band and plate fixation device versus conventional stainless steel wire fixation following midline sternotomy for cardiac surgery. The technique of measurement is high frequency ultrasound at rest and with coughing.

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pA recently completed randomized clinical trial found a significant difference between a plating system (Sternalock 360) and conventional "figure of 8" wire fixation. 95% of cardiac surgery operations will use stainless steel wire to stabilize the sternal bone edges at 6 and 12 weeks postoperative.pp ppAdditional analysis of pain after surgery was significantly less with the plate system at 6 weeks postoperative. An additional limited resource utilization substudy may be conducted as part of this proposed study with an alternative plate system.p

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Neuroscience & Psychiatry, Cardiometabolic , Musculoskeletal

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Masters by Research, Honours, Post Doctor Research
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