Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll: Young people and risk behaviours

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PhD students, Masters by Research
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Burnet Institute
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Dr Megan Lim 85062403

Summary Every year, we conduct an online survey with young people, asking about about social media use, sexual health and behaviour, alcohol and other drug use, mental health and other risks and behaviours. In this project the student will use the data collected to investigate patterns of risk behaviours and health outcomes in young people.

Project Details

Since 2005, we have surveyed over 9,000 people aged between 16 and 29 years age at Melbourne’s Big Day Out about sexual risk behaviour and drug use. From 2015, we moved the survey to an online form. Questions have covered participants’ sexual histories, condom use, knowledge and perceptions of STIs, and STI testing histories. We ask about alcohol and other drug use, and other risks and behaviours such as gambling, diet and exercise, contact with police, mental health and smoking. There is also a series of questions concerning media use e.g. pornography, sexting, social media, smartphones and online gambling. ppThe student project could focus on one of these issues or a range of themes. These findings, in the context of current public health measures, will be used to advise on the design of future health promotion campaigns. In this project the student will use the data collected to investigate patterns of risk behaviours, knowledge, attitudes, and health outcomes. This will involve quantitative analysis of the relationship between variables such as pornography use, condom use, drug and alcohol use, mental health and perceptions of risk. The project could also involve in-depth qualitative data collection via focus group discussions or interviews.

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Child Health

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Child Health in Medicine, Women's Health, Infectious Diseases and Immunity

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PhD students, Masters by Research
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