Predicting outcomes for people with knee osteoarthritis in general practice

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Knee joint replacement (KJR) for people with osteoarthritis offers the potential for improvement of pain and increased function. However, it is estimated that 12%-20% of those who undergo primary KJR do not TKA do not report such benefits. A nomogram has been developed using data from the St Vincent’s Hospital SMART joint replacement registry which can be utilised to predict the probability of nonresponse to surgery at 12 months. However, this is based on a hospital patient population, not a general practice population.

Osteoarthritis is the fifth most commonly managed chronic condition in general practice, with the aging population and obesity being drivers for both increasing prevalence and referrals for KJR. The majority of referrals from GPs for management of osteoarthritis of the knee are to orthopaedic surgeons – there is a need for the development of a risk prediction tool for use in the general practice setting that can inform appropriate referral to orthopaedic surgeons for consideration of KJR based on the likelihood of response. This PhD project will involve the development of such a tool by linking a large general practice dataset to the SMART joint registry. The candidate will be supported by a multidisciplinary team of researchers as part of the Centre for Research Excellence in Total Joint Replacement (OPUS). Thesis with publication will be supported.

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