The palliative care registry project: examining the impact and outcomes of palliative care

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Medicine and Radiology
St Vincent's Hospital
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Current health services routinely collect clinical data in order to understand case mix, intensity, quality of care and for benchmarking with like services.  These data are collected and coded at the conclusion of each inpatient episode in all hospitals.  The interrogation of these datasets have resulted in important understanding of the patterns of care and health service use by patients including those nearing the end of life. Furthermore, they have allowed the development of standards around what constitutes ‘quality end of life care’. In addition to these datasets, a number of palliative care clinical services collect symptom based data to ensure effective care delivery.

This registry project will build a de-identified database of patients receiving palliative care to create the foundation for real time improved quality of care opportunities across a range of outcomes including for people with CALD, particular cancer types etc.

This project is suitable for a PhD student.

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Cancer in Medicine, Integrated Critical Medicine

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Medicine and Radiology

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St Vincent's Hospital

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