Neuroimaging and neuropathological biomarkers of social dysfunction after paediatric brain injury

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PhD, Honours
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Medicine and Radiology
Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Dr Bridgette Semple 90356379 Personal web page

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Social behaviour problems are a common and debilitating consequence of traumatic brain injury in children, and a key contributor to poor quality of life for survivors. However, mechanisms underlying the emergence or persistence of social deficits after injury remain poorly understood, particularly in the context of ongoing brain maturation throughout childhood. Damage to the social brain network, a distributed circuit of frontal temporo-limbic brain regions, is hypothesised to underlie problems with social behaviours and communication that emerge after brain injury in both humans and animal models.

Using a clinically-relevant mouse model of traumatic injury to the paediatric brain, this project will therefore evaluate whether disruption of white matter integrity in the social brain network is integral to the manifestation of social deficits after early life brain injury. Using advanced neuroimaging modalities and post-mortem immunohistochemical staining, we will evaluate the developmental trajectory of key white matter tracts in mice as they age after a paediatric brain injury compared to uninjured controls, aiming to identify in vivo neuroimaging biomarkers predictive of long-term social behaviour deficits.

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PhD, Honours
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Medicine and Radiology

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Semple Laboratory: Developmental Neurotrauma

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Royal Melbourne Hospital

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