Malaria drug resistance in the Asia Pacific region

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Medicine and Radiology
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Associate Professor Freya Fowkes 8506 2225 Personal web page
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Prof James Beeson 9282 2271 Personal web page

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Malaria is a major global health issue causing around 300 million cases and 500,000 deaths annually. In recent years we have witnessed the alarming spread of resistance to many drugs used to treat malaria, and this is compromising malaria control and elimination efforts and may be contributing to increasing rates of malaria in some regions. The emergence and spread of drug resistance has been particularly concerning in the South East Asia region, and controlling the spread of drug resistance has been a major global activity. Understanding the prevalence of resistance to different antimalarial drugs and tracking the spread of resistance is essential.

This project will quantify drug resistance to antimalarial drugs currently in use in Papua New Guinea and/or Myanmar using samples from large clinical and population studies. PCR and other molecular methods will be used to quantify drug resistance markers for artemisinin, sulfadoxine-pyremethamine, lumefantrine, piperaquine, and chloroquine, and will be combined with statistical analysis and geospatial mapping of resistance, depending on the student’s specific interests and training. The project will determine the extent of drug resistance in populations, comparing different regions, and evaluate changes in drug resistance over time.

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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