IRIS: Patient-level meta-analysis of 6 randomized controlled studies on direct thrombectomy(IRIS)

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PhD students
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Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Professor Bernard Yan 93492477
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Professor Peter Mitchell 93427000

Summary Six randomized controlled studies of the effects of direct thrombectomy have been completed. We have a rare opportunity to ask specific questions using pooled data of the 6 studies. These questions include predictors of patient outcome using advanced machine learning techniques.

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Six direct thrombectomy studies randomized acute stroke patients to either direct endovascular thrombectomy or bridging thrombectomy (with intravenous thrombolysis). The principal investigators of the 6 studies have agreed to pool individual patient data to provide a platform to answer pressing questions on clinical outcome predictors. This is a rare opportunity for a PhD candidate to participate and to gain experience in performing advanced statistical methods on a large patient level data set.

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PhD students
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