Identification of novel vaccine targets that induce protective immunity against malaria

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Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Medicine and Radiology
Burnet Institute
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Gaoqian Feng 85062383 Personal web page
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James Beeson Personal web page

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Development of a highly effective vaccine against malaria is greatly needed for global elimination of malaria. However, currently this is hindered because of a limited knowledge of the mechanisms and specific targets of immunity to malaria. We have used a wide range of approaches to identify mechanisms involving antibody interactions with Fc-receptors and complement that may be crucial for effective immunity against malaria.

This project will use our recent developed technologies and approaches to identify targets and epitopes that induce functional antibodies. The project will focus on key antigens expressed by malaria during its initial invasion stage. The project will involve the use of multiple cellular, molecular, and antibody assays to identify potential targets that could be included in vaccines. Studies will also investigate the optimal combinations of antibody targets that induce functional immunity in a synergistic manner

This project is suitable for a student with a keen interest in humoral and cellular immunology and vaccine development. The student will acquire unique skills in performing immunoassays including ELISA, monocyte/neutrophil isolation, flow-cytometry and immune-fluorescent staining, phagocytosis assays, as well as standard techniques in cell culture and analysing data from population studies.

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Infection and Immunology

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Child Health in Medicine, Women's Health

Research Opportunities

Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Medicine and Radiology

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Burnet Institute

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