Functional characterization of candidate genes involved in the progression of gastric cancer

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Gastric cancer (GC) is the fourth most common cancer globally. It has defined premalignant stages and progresses through Intestinal Metaplasia (IM) in the majority of cases. GC is diagnosed at advanced stage resulting in poor prognosis. Part of this is due to no means to identify and screen persons at risk of GC. Relatively little is known about the key genetic events leading to IM.

Our laboratory is currently in the process of completing the first comprehensive analysis of IM in the world and we have identified a number of candidate genes which are likely to be involved in the progression of IM to GC. These could potentially be used to reliably predict the progression to GC in humans enabling clinical stratification of individuals into high-risk groups. This project would involve functional validation of these candidates using cell culture and organoid model systems. We are looking for motivated students (both Honours and PhD students) to strengthen our group.

The project will use broad range techniques including bioinformatics, cell culture, animal models and molecular biology.

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PhD, Honours
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