Factors affecting anxiety disorders in adolescence: social isolation, exercise, and neurogenesis

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Medicine and Radiology
Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Associate Professor Jee Hyun Kim jee.kim@florey.edu.au 0435434255 Personal web page
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Dr Christina Perry christina.perry@florey.edu.au Personal web page

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Most anxiety disorders are diagnosed during adolescence, and adolescents show heightened resistance to gold-standard behavioural therapies for anxiety. The propensity to develop anxiety disorders during adolescence is influenced by lifestyle factors, such as social environment and physical activity levels. This project will use the Pavlovian fear learning paradigm to investigate the effects of social isolation and exercise on fear regulation in male and female adolescent rodents. Immunohistochemistry will identify whether the behavioural changes are mediated by neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

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Medicine and Radiology

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Royal Melbourne Hospital

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