Exploration of novel approaches to anti-cancer treatment: manipulation of mutant p53

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PhD, Honours
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Medicine and Radiology
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Prof Ygal Haupt ygal.haupt@petermac.org +613 8559 7102
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Dr Sue Haupt sue.haupt@petermac.org +61385596477

Project Details

P53 is the most mutated gene in human cancer, affecting about half the cases of cancer, and involved in every cancer type. We have recently identified novel regulators of mutant p53 using sophisticated loss of function whole genome high content screen. In this project the candidate will study a key novel regulator derived from this screen to explore the interplay with mutant p53, and to define novel target for anti-cancer drugs. The student will explore the efficacy of manipulating these regulators as a novel approach to treating cancer cells bearing mutant p53 (majority of human cancers). The project will involve work with cancer cell lines, transgenic mouse models, and human samples. In addition the project will expose students to a variety of molecular, cellular biochemical techniques, as well as to genomic and bioinformatics analyses.

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Cancer in Medicine

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PhD, Honours
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Medicine and Radiology

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