EndoNeeds: exploring the physical, psychological and social needs of Australian women with endometriosis

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Dr Michelle Peate mpeate@unimelb.edu.au 03 8345 3792 Personal web page
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Dr Jennifer Marino jennifer.marino@unimelb.edu.au +61383453718 Personal web page

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Endometriosis is a condition affecting an estimated 6-10% of reproductive age women and can affect every facet of life.1 Pelvic pain due to endometriosis can interfere with a woman’s ability to work, study, socialise and enjoy a normal sex life. Fertility problems caused by endometriosis can cause psychological, relationship and financial issues for women and their families. Health-related quality of life studies in endometriosis consistently report poorer quality of life, specifically in the domains of pain, psychological function and social function. The impact of endometriosis is also apparent at a societal level, with direct health-care costs comparable to those of diabetes mellitus. The combination of chronic symptoms, problems with fertility and the stigmatised nature of menstrual disorders mean that endometriosis has a major, often life-long, impact on the psychosocial health and quality of life of women with the condition, and a flow-on effect on their families and social circles.

The development of patient-centred care initiatives in this space is very important, as clinical treatment alone will not ease the burden of this disease. An important first step in the development of holistic and patient-centred care guidelines is the identification and quantification of the things women with endometriosis feel they need to cope better with the condition and improve their quality of life. The EndoNeeds survey will be the first unmet needs survey for a benign gynaecological condition in the world. Unmet needs surveys have predominately been used in cancer care to measure the supportive care needs of patients and support persons and in these populations, high levels of unmet need consistently correlate with low quality of life scores. If needs can be identified and measured, targeted interventi The EndoNeeds project was initiated to identify and quantify the physical, psychological and social needs of women with endometriosis through the development and validation of an online unmet needs survey for women with endometriosis. The long-term goal of this project is to improve the experiences of women with endometriosis by developing interventions to address identified needs.

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours
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