Early Life Molecular Pathways Underpinning Later Health And Disease

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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
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Professor Richard Saffery richard.saffery@mcri.edu.au +61383416341 Personal web page
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Professor David Burgner david.burgner@mcri.edu.au +61399366730 Personal web page

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The world is experiencing an alarming rise in the incidence of cardiovascular disease, obesity and poor metabolic health (collectively referred to as cardiometabolic disease). Mounting evidence suggests that the in utero and early postnatal period plays a critical role in programming these complex adult phenotypes. Genetic and environmental factors contribute to complex disease risk and influence both epigenetic and metabolomic profiles, which have emerged as prime candidate mediators for the early life programming of later cardiometabolic health. Epigenetic and metabolomic variants therefore have great potential as biomarkers for identification of individuals most at risk for targeted intervention, and for monitoring disease progression. The overall aims of this project are to examine the association between, genetic, environmental, epigenetic and metabolic variants, using longitudinal measures of adiposity and cardiovascular health in the unique Barwon Infant study (BIS) of 1000 mothers and their children (www.barwoninfantstudy.org.au/). BIS has a wealth of environmental measures and longitudinally sampled biospecimens with genome-wide genetic data already collected, enabling an unprecedented investigation of the role of genes, environment and epigenetic/metabolomic biomarkers in conferring early life risk of cardiometabolic health in humans.

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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

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