Diagnostic accuracy of a screening tool to identify patients at risk of sarcopenia

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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Medicine and Radiology
Royal Melbourne Hospital
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Dr Esmee M. Reijnierse esmee.reijnierse@unimelb.edu.au +61 3 9342 4634 Personal web page
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Prof Andrea B. Maier andrea.maier@unimelb.edu.au +61 3 9342 2635 Personal web page

Project Details

Sarcopenia (age-related low muscle mass and muscle strength) is a treatable disease and associated with physical deconditioning, falls, morbidity and mortality. Sarcopenia is prevalent in up to 34% of community-dwelling older adults and up to 15% of healthy older adults. Among geriatric patients in a rehabilitation program, the prevalence of sarcopenia is as high as 47%. Despite the fact that sarcopenia has been recognised as an independently reportable disease in 2016 (ICD M62.84), it is not diagnosed in current clinical practice. Diagnostic measures for sarcopenia include muscle mass, muscle strength and gait speed. The SARC-F is a rapid and easy screening tool to identify older adults at risk of sarcopenia using five questions about muscle strength, assistance in walking, rise from a chair, climb stairs and falls. The SARC-F has been developed in a community-dwelling older population. SARC-F has not been validated in a geriatric rehabilitation population.

Primary objectives

  1. To test the diagnostic accuracy of the SARC-F against the actual sarcopenia diagnosis
  2. To assess the predictive value of the SARC-F with patient outcomes compared to the actual sarcopenia diagnosis

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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