Developing platelet derived nanoparticles for targeted thrombolysis

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PhD students, Masters by Research, Honours students
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Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
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Prof Karlheinz Peter Personal web page
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Dr Mitchell Moon

Summary Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and major morbidity worldwide. Despite this, the current thrombolytic (clot busting) therapies remain largely ineffective and many patients are resistant to therapy. There is a need for improved thrombolytic drugs and strategies for overcoming thrombolysis resistance. One strategy for achieving this is using targeted drug delivery to deliver high local concentrations of thrombolytic drugs to the thrombus to improve the efficacy of drug treatment. To achieve this, we are proposing using platelet derived nanoparticles loaded with thrombolytic drugs to achieve targeted thrombolysis.

Project Details

The main aims of this project are to:

  • Generate and characterize platelet derived nanoparticles
  • Drug loading platelet derived nanoparticles
  • Assess the potential of drug loaded nanoparticles as a targeted thrombolytic therapy

Some techniques that students will be utilizing:

  • Isolating platelets from human blood
  • Flow cytometry
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Generating ex vivo human thrombi

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Infection and Immunology

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Research Opportunities

PhD students, Masters by Research, Honours students
Students who are interested in joining this project will need to consider their elegibility as well as other requirements before contacting the supervisor of this research

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For further information about this research, please contact a supervisor.

Department / Centre

Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health

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Atherothrombosis and Vascular Biology Group

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Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

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