Developing New Therapies For Childhood Heart Disease Using Stem Cell Technology

Research Opportunity
Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
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Professor David Elliott +61399366668 Personal web page
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Associate Professor Enzo Porrello +61399366140 Personal web page

Project Details

An opportunity exists for a highly motivated post-graduate student to join a multidisciplinary research group working on the molecular mechanisms underlying congenital heart disease. The student will have the opportunity to work on a multi-disciplinary, collaborative project utilising genetically engineered induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) models of congenital heart disease. The student will receive training and develop expertise in a number of key areas at the forefront of biomedical research including genome editing, flow cytometry, molecular biology techniques, bioinformatics and confocal microscopy. A particular focus of this project is to develop disease models and to use these as a platform to develop high-throughput screens for novel compounds targeting the biochemical pathways underlying myocardial disease or to develop cellular therapies for congenital heart disease. The PhD candidate will have a unique opportunity to work as part of a cross-disciplinary team including stem scientists, clinicians and bioengineers interested in tackling childhood heart disease and developing new therapies. Projects can be designed to align with the PhD student's areas of interest and previous training.

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Child Health

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Child Health in Medicine

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Students who are interested in joining this project will need to consider their elegibility as well as other requirements before contacting the supervisor of this research

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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

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