Deepening Our Understanding Of Severe Irritability In Children

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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
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Professor David Coghill Personal web page
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Professor Simon Dennis 8344 6377 Personal web page
Dr Melissa Mulraney +61399366628

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We are seeking to recruit a recruit a high quality graduate (medicine/psychology/neurosciences) to undertake a clinical study in children aged 5 - 14 years with severe irritability. This study will be run jointly by the MCRI and the Complex Human Data Hub, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne. The proposal is to recruit a sample of children with severe irritability referred to child and adolescent mental health services. Our aim is to understand the mechanisms underpinning individual differences in children and adolescents with severe irritability. Developing a better understanding of the mechanisms underpinning severe irritability will improve early detection and intervention with the aim of reducing impairment and limiting progression to latter difficulties. The proposal is to establish a well-characterized cohort of children with severe irritability. Each participant will be assessed at baseline using state of the art clinical assessments to assess: current and past mental and physical health; antenatal, developmental and family histories; neurocognitive assessments using well validated clinical and neuroscience based measures. We will also investigate the use of energy-efficient multi-sensor wearable devices, other mobile technologies and the Internet of Things, to detect and measure novel markers of disorder and functioning in real time and with minimal demand or interference with day to day activity. In collaboration with colleagues at the Complex Human Data Hub these date will be integrated across the different levels of analysis traditional and modern approaches to analysis such as using a combination traditional and modern approaches such as Baysian and machine learning in order to identify heterogeneity within this group of children and adolescents, build explanatory and predictive models that can aid clinicians in their assessment, diagnosis and treatment of severe irritability and better understand the course and developmental trajectories for irritable children.

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Child Health

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Child Health in Medicine

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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

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