What does it cost to do research with women experiencing adversity?

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Recruitment and retention of participants in large-scale, longitudinal, health services research can be challenging. This is especially so when the cohort is selected for their experience of socioeconomic, psychosocial or health adversities. Longitudinal research can require time, effort and cost burdens related to understanding and providing informed consent and making oneself available for multiple research assessments. This can be difficult for individuals with less stability in their lives or less confidence, literacy or familiarity health services. However, given that individuals experiencing adversity also have the greatest need for supports, it is critical that research adequately engages representative cohorts so that findings can be used to enhance the effectiveness of service provision, and in turn reduce established health disparities.

In Australia, where government research funding is highly competitive and grants are often underfunded, research with cohorts experiencing adversity can be overlooked because of the considerable funding required to engage and retain participants. The right@home project began in 2013 and comprises a large cohort of Australian women (N=722) selected for their experience of adversity during pregnancy, who are followed regularly until children start school.

This student project will aim to calculate the true costs of longitudinal research with this cohort. Ideally, the findings will help other research groups capitalize on opportunities for research with cohorts experiencing adversity which, while challenging and expensive, are crucial for delivering effective health services to the individuals who need them most.

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