Controlling nephron patterning and segmentation in kidney organoids

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PhD students
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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
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Prof Melissa Little Personal web page
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Dr Jessica Vanslambrouk

Summary Controlling nephron patterning and segmentation in kidney organoids

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The human kidney contains approximately 1 million nephrons that are responsible for filtration of the blood, active secretion of waste products and the reabsorption of water and critical molecules back into the body. To do this, the final nephron need around 25 distinct cell types each with specific functions. We have developed a method for recreating human developing kidney tissue from pluripotent stem cells. These tissues, referred to as kidney organoids, contain patterning and segmenting nephrons beginning to form each of the many required cell types. However, these remain immature and some cell types are not present. It is also clear that different culture conditions favour one end of the nephron over another.

The aim of this project would be to dissect what pathways are driving the patterning of different nephron segments and cell types to improve the model and/or generate cell types that are currently missing or immature.

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Royal Children’s Hospital/Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

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