Connecting a macro-vessel to a pre-vascularized scaffold

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St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research
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We have assembled pre-vascularized scaffolds in the laboratory, by seeding human primary microvascular endothelial cells into a porous scaffold, with an interconnected human capillary network assembling within 24 hours.    These pre-vascularized scaffolds could be used in wound healing or tissue engineering studies where organs are grown.    The implantation of pre-vascularized scaffolds in vivo, under the skin, would allow the human capillary network to functionally unite with host capillaries - this process is called inosculation and takes at least 2-3 days for host blood to flow through the scaffold capillaries.

An alternative approach where a blood flow would commence in a far shorter period throughout the scaffold, is possible if the pre-vascularized scaffold capillaries are connected via vascular connections to a large blood vessel.  We will investigate under culture conditions the connection of a large human blood vessel to a pre-vascularized scaffold.

We will also attempt to connect a pre-vascularized scaffold via vascular connections to a large blood vessel in an animal model. The project will involve cell culture, in vitro assembly of human capillary networks in scaffolds and vascular connection to a large blood vessel, and animal implantation studies where morphology/immunohistochemistry/ morphometry, and vascular perfusion techniques will be used to analyze the scaffolds.

This project is conducted in St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research, Vascular Biology Group, (O’Brien Institute Department of SVI).

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours, Master of Biomedical Science
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