Cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript in alcohol seeking

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Dr Leigh Walker

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Alcohol use disorders represent a significant social and economic burden to Australian society. The enduring tendency to relapse is one of the fundamental features of alcohol use disorders and stress is a major precipitant of relapse behaviour. Although it is widely reported that stress triggers relapse, the relationship between stress and addiction is complex, and current therapeutics fail to adequately address this problem. We have recently implicated a role for the neuropeptide, cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript (CART) within the central amygdala in stress-induced alcohol seeking.

Therefore the aim of this study is to first examine in rats how pharmacological manipulation of CART within the central amygdala impacts upon alcohol use / relapse. Then using genetically-modified mice that allow us to selectively manipulate this neuronal population, examine the CART outputs from the central nucleus of the amygdala and specifically manipulate these outputs using DREADDs (designer receptors exclusively activated by designer drugs) during stress-induced binge drinking.

Techniques used in this project include DREADDs, PCR, operant self-administration, rodent surgery, mouse and rat handling, confocal microscopy and immunohistochemistry.

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PhD, Masters by Research, Honours
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