Cluster RCT of a multi-component intervention package to improve maternal and childhood vaccination in Victoria

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Summary Cluster RCT of a multi-component intervention package to improve maternal and childhood vaccination in Victoria

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Maternal and childhood vaccination is vital to ensure the health of women and children, but concern regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness remains a pressing issue. Uptake of both influenza and pertussis vaccines in pregnancy is poor, despite being strongly recommended. This leaves many pregnant women and their infants needlessly vulnerable. Childhood vaccine coverage and timeliness, including birth Hepatitis B vaccine, are also an ongoing challenge. Pregnancy is a critical time for vaccine decision-making, when expectant parents must consider both maternal vaccines and childhood vaccines for their baby. To date, there have been no evidenced-based interventions to optimise maternal and childhood vaccine uptake.

To address this important gap, we have developed an innovative, evidence-based, multi-component intervention package tailored for midwives at the Practice, Provider and Parent (P3) levels to meet the diverse and complex information needs of pregnant women. Our pilot study found the P3 intervention to be acceptable and feasible for use by midwives and parents and informed updating and development of the next iteration of the P3-MumBubVax intervention. Now, with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers we need to assess the impact and cost-effectiveness of this approach to support rapid translation into practice.

We are seeking a PhD student to lead the conduct of a cluster randomised controlled trial in Victoria to evaluate the P3-MumBubVax intervention package using a factorial design for improving uptake of influenza and pertussis vaccination among pregnant women, timely uptake of routine infant vaccines, maternal vaccine knowledge, attitudes and beliefs and midwife confidence in discussing vaccination. We will also assess the implementation barriers and facilitators to inform adaptability and scalability and evaluate the expected cost-effectiveness of P3-MumBubVax compared to usual care. The trial will be conducted in antenatal centres in Victoria alongside Generation Victoria (GenV), a whole-of-state Australian birth cohort for discovery and interventional research.

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